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We’ve blurred the boundaries between wine and beer before. But this time, the apple falls from an entirely different tree. Literally. Pommereux is a sour ale like no other. At its core, it’s an American wild ale, yet it shares the tart, crisp, effervescent and funky qualities you’d expect in a wildly-fermented cider. To achieve this profile, we partnered with our friends at Tin City Cider to freshly press juice from a field blend of apples, which included golden delicious, fuji, granny smith, gala, gravenstein, macintosh, mutsu, red delicious and pink lady. This freshly pressed juice was combined with wort of a sour wheat ale and added to oak barrels, where it co-fermented with wild yeast and bacteria from our house cultures as well as microflora that may have been present on the fruit. The result straddles the boundaries between a tart, oak-aged wheat ale and a wildly-fermented cider, balancing qualities of both seamlessly. It’s a bushel of fun, stemming right down to our spirit of continued experimentation and exploration.


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  • ABV:7.1%
  • IBU:0
  • SRM:0
  • Release:2017