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Saixon is a saison – not a typo. But it’s different. The saison style traces its origin back to Wallonia, the predominantly French-speaking (and bordering) region of Belgium. We asked ourselves what the style would be like if the pendulum swung East and took root closer to the German border of Belgium. And then we brewed it. Presupposition meets new inspiration in this Belgo-German hybrid. In addition to the dry, crisp and funky notes you’d associate with the classic saison style – and the wildly traditional use of Brettanomyces, Saixon also features three generations of German hops: old school (Hallertau Mittlefruh), second wave (Opal), and new school (Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc). Santé? Prost? Cheers!

Food Pairing

Eggs benedict, Herve cheese, weizenbrötchen topped with poppyseeds. A railbike ride down the Vennbahn.


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Brew Info

  • ABV:6.7
  • IBU:50
  • SRM:5
  • Release:2016